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Hotel Opat and its rich history starts and ends with Husova street in Kutna Hora.

Husova Street was a very important and frequent communication of medieval Kutná Hora, connecting the Kouřimská gate, the town hall, markets and the minting zone. In 16th century its importance had risen and it became a centre of merchants and handicraftsmen, because it was an advantageous place for trading and catering sphere of business. The original houses of medieval handicraftsmen having only marginal value were rebuilt in the Renaissance and Baroque style and merged, with shops, taverns and workshops in the ground floor. The social position of their owners had changed as well; with decreasing influence of mining businessmen, they became a chief-branch of town inhabitants and minting was their secondary investment. More and more it was better to invest to purchase of lands and agriculture business than to declining minting. The ownership of land had been for a long time the privilege of noble families; therefore the most successful townsfolk make an effort to get a title. Just like that in this time from minting businessmen became estate owners and founders of small land nobility. To own several houses in the near town, except of a generic countryside mansion, was a part of their lifestyle. These houses were partly inhabited by their owners or they were rented for living or practicing of a trade. Houses N°138 and N°139 met the same destiny.

We do not know the very oldest history of this house, the newer one is written from the 12th century before the arrival of Cistercian monks to Sedlec. In the 14th and 15th century less important houses were here, but in the 16th century we can find many notes about this house in the local chronicle. Firstly the house N°138 was called “Prokšovský”, but in the 15th century it was bought and owned by Hanykýř´s family, who became rich mostly through owing of the black market of silver and copper. By the time they got lands and a title. Their neighbours from N°139 were the members of Materna´s family, whose way to the richness was same: strange business machination, wealth, titles and so on. Nevertheless they could not escape from human destiny, which is connected and complicated mostly in the little town. Before they were neighbours, “...Vilém Hanykýř found his beautiful wife with Jan Materna...”. It was two years after their wedding and Jan Materna had to waive Alžběta Hanykýř in the court. But later Vilém Hanykýř married Hana Materna, a relative of his rival.

But maybe the most known owner of the house N°138 is Anna, the wife of Matyáš Dačický from Heslov, the nephew of one famous personality of Kutná Hora – Mikuláš Dačický from Heslov, whose reputation is immortalised in Kutná Hora history as an important writer and a dedicated Renaissance gourmand, hearty imbiber and womaniser.

Very close to this house an important event of Mikuláš´s life had happened: one day he was going with his friends to the local tavern, where he met sir Šťastný Novohradský from Kolovraty, already drunk. He sat down and drank with him, when suddenly sir Šťastný drew a weapon against him and injured him, because Mikuláš Dačický did not take off his hat. Then sir Dačický in self-defence, as he said, killed him. Because of this story Mikuláš Dačický had been judged and kept in prison for several times and it influenced very much the rest of his life. After the death of his wife he changed from the Renaissance debauchee to serious embittered old-man. He died in 1626, when Jesuits came to Kutná Hora and confiscated St Barbara’s cathedral.

From the period of Jesuits a legend about friendly patron of the Hanykýř´s house has been preserved. The patron is a monk, later the abbot of Sedlec monastery, who was a confessor of Alžběta Maternová, the faithless rich wife of  Vilém Hanykýř , the house owner. As her uneasy conscience he has been rambling in the walls of the house and controlling honourability of the inhabitants. Because of it he carries a book, where he notes their acts – good ones and bad ones as well. The good acts are rewarded nice dreams; the bad ones are punished by insomnia.

Let’s move back to the hotel’s history. As a proof of the ownership by members of high society families can be named broadminded reconstructions at the end of the 18th century and in the 19th century.  Despite of them, the hotel has preserved medieval bottom, stonemason components and very nicely decorated ceilings in the Baroque style. In the 19th century and during the communists´ era the house fortunately was not destroyed, only the interior was changed to lodging house and the collecting point of raw materials in the ground floor. After the Velvet revolution in 1989, as restitution, it was given back to a descendant of former owners. He started with the project of a hotel and a manufactory and shop with meat products, but this project was not finished.  Todays owner bought the house and started the reconstruction to the stylish hotel and bar.  It was in April 2007. In March 2008 the hotel was given the final appearance - maximum of the original components are left, as they grew together into an indivisible complex now adapted for the new function and utilization as well.

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Kutna Hora - the UNESCO CIty

Kutná Hora and vicinity

The primary centre of attraction is the town of Kutná Hora itself. Historically one of the most important towns in the Czech lands, it is rightfully regarded as a heritage jewel of our nation. The town’s history begins in early medieval times, as the importance of Kutná Hora grew along with its silver mining. Hence Kutná Hora now boasts a variegated mosaic of architectural styles and unique buildings from various eras: two Gothic cathedrals, two Romanesque chapels, five Gothic and two Baroque churches, three large monastic residences, two Gothic chapels, and many burghers’ houses and stone sculptures. Open to the public are four registered national monuments – the former mint known as the Italian Court, St. Barbara’s Cathedral, Kačina chateau and St. James’s Church in the village of the same name.

The historic centre of town, along with two individual buildings (St. Barbara’s Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Assumption in Sedlec), was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 1995. Beyond its rich history, the town offers a wide range of possibilities for a pleasant visit. Alongside of the quite extensive list of attractive heritage sites, visitors can experience something

of the living present. Concerts, music festivals, exhibitions, celebrations or sports events provide another reason to stay a bit longer in the vicinity. The selection of accommodations is extensive, and local specialties are well worth a taste.

Throughout the year, it is possible to relax in the Klimeška sports-recreation centre, with bowling lanes, tennis courts, or fitness centres. Rock-climbers will enjoy the nearby valley of the Vrchlice stream, and horseback riding is also popular. Accessible in all seasons are many hiking and cycling trails leading, for instance, to the Great Pond, Kačina chateau, the ruins of Castle Sion or the Vysoká tower near the village of Miskovice.


Kutná Hora

The origin of the town‘s name of the town has been explained in various ways. One popular version is the derivation from a monk’s cowl (kutna), following the 15th-century legend of the discovery of veins of silver near All Saints’ Church (now the cemetery chapel in Česká Street) by a Cistercian monk from the Sedlec monastery, who had placed his cowl over his discovery. Another Czech word - kutat, “to dig for metals” – offers a second possible explanation. The designation “Cuthna” appears in connection with perhaps the oldest mining settlement, Cuthna Antiqua, which archaeological finds have situated in the vicinity of the present town cemetery, and dating to the mid-13th century.

In 1276, a name equivalent to the present Hora Kutná first appears in archival sources. By this era, intensive mining had already begun in the small hills near the present town - Kuklík, Sukov and Kaňk. The area was then divided between the adjoining, previously created royal towns of Čáslav and Kolín:

Kutná Hora itself began to form out of the mining colonies only by the 13th century. The necessary town appurtenances (legal institutions, fortifications, royal privileges etc.) were gradually attained by the year 1300, the issuing of the supreme legal code IUS REGALE MONTANORUM by King Wenceslas

II. In time, the promising silver-mining settlement became the economic centre of the state, the sit for minting the unified national currency and a royal town with all the rights and privileges, confirmed by the Czech sovereigns Jan of Luxembourg, Charles IV, Wenceslas IV and many others.

The historic town centre was declared a heritage site in 1961, containing 316 buildings of cultural importance. Its criterion for registration in the UNESCO register of world cultural and natural heritage was the unique medieval urban space with two major cathedrals, many Gothic churches and sumptuous burghers’ houses, a document of the history of intensive mining activity and the prosperity of silver mines in central Europe.

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Kutna Hora is a royal city, a city of two cathedrals in the UNESCO-listed, and also a place full of romantic nooks and alleys, which way would go even famous local lover of women, food and wine, Mikuláš Dačický. We will do our best to you proved that with us you can enjoy a pleasant time in his footsteps and enjoy not only historical monuments, cultural events and place, but also relax - if only for a relaxing massage or take part in some of our occasional gastronomic events. It can not be prosecuted for one or two days and therefore we would like to offer you a program for regular guests. It has several dozen members at this moment, guests who return to us and are probably quite happy :). We offer them a variety of benefits and discounts. We offer you the opportunity to join them and we believe that you will like it :). All you have to do is: book directly with us through this website or by phone at +420 327 536 900 or email and put yourselves on email contact.


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Tradinig conditions

Trading conditions

Valid since 1st November 2018

Hotel Opat, Husova 138, Kutná Hora

Vila U Varhanáře, Barborská 11, Kutná Hora

for JMAdvisor s.r.o., Praha 10, Na spádu 393/15, IČ 27188914

1. Reservation conditions

Groups of more than 10 individuals:

Guarantee of reservation for groups of more than 10 individuals is to be claimed by the form of 30% deposit from the amount accommodation price for the whole stay, other mean of guarantee is credit card. Only when the guarantee is provided the booking is confirmed as fixed.

The deposit is to be provided as stated on the proforma. The rest of the payment is to be provided upon departure in cash or by credit card. Payment by bank transfer is possible only if contract about cooperation is made.


Guarantee of reservation is to be claimed on the amount equal to one night accommodation price and is to be made by credit card preauthorisation or sending advance payment on hotel´s bank account. Nonguaranteed reservations are held only till 3 p.m. at arrival date.


2. Cancellation policy:

Booking for 2 and more rooms

Cancellation more than 21 days before arrival is free of charge.

Cancellation 21- 2 days before arrival is to be charged 50% from the first night accommodation price.

Cancellation 24 hours and less before arrival is to be charged 100% from the first night accommodation price.

For regular partners cancellation on arrival day is to be charged 50% from the first night accommodation price.


Bookings for 1 or 2 rooms

Cancellation more than 24 hours before arrival is free of charge.

Cancellation 24 hours and less before arrival is to be charged 100% from the first night accommodation price.

For regular partner cancellation on arrival day free of charge, non cancelled noshow is to be charged 50% from the first night accommodation price.


Arrival is to be understood latest 6 p.m. at the arrival date.


3. Gastronomic events, short - time premises lease.

Guarantee for ordered F&B, except what is offered in restaurant´s Menu, is to be claimed by the deposit of min. 25% from estimated price of such event and is to be paid at least 5 days before such event starts. Cancellation of gastronomic event 72 hours or less before agreed on start of such event is to be charged 25% from the estimated event price.


4. Room Booking

Reservation is guaranteed only for certain room type, when booking is done for room number, the hotel is allowed, if necessary, to move the guest to the same or higher category of room (room type upgrade). Opat hotel has standard and DLX = APT = APT mezzonet rooms, Vila U Varhanáře has standard and DLX rooms.

JMAdvisor s.r.o.


Information on processing of personal data
The company JMAdvisor sro, registered office in Prague 10, Na spádu 393/15, post code 100 00, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C/103069, is processing as an administrator in connection with its economic activity in the provision of services accommodation services eg personal data of entities. It concerns the Opat Hotel and Vila U Varhanáře in Kutná Hora.
This data is stored on the hotel computer, protected against misuse by appropriate software resources and organizational procedures within the hotel. They are used exclusively for keeping a regular register of the guests accommodated and fulfillment of the notification duty under the Act. No 326/1999 and the Bookkeeping Registry on the basis of Act. No. 565/1990 Coll. local fees, and these are the following:
• name and surname, title
• birthdate
• Full address of permanent residence - street, city, state
• the identity card number or other identification document
• the date of the specific stay and the purpose of the stay
• the number and validity of the visa (if necessary for a stay in the Czech Republic)
The above data are kept by the Administrator for 6 years from the end of the last stay (in accordance with the law) and then erased irrevocably.
Because of your legitimate interest in performing business activities, the Administrator can be asked for credit card and phone or e-mail information - in case of providing an accommodation guarantee or other more complex business case solution. In such a case, you will always be asked to explicitly agree to be provided by processing this information.
Whenever you have the right to request a listing of content and status of stored data. For this purpose, please use the contact email You will then be prompted to identify your person (either personally upon presentation of a personal document) or (in writing by providing a certified copy of a personal document) and you will be presented with a written or pdf-based notice. The right to delete or restrict the processing can not be applied to legally required data about your person.